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My name is Samantha, but please, call me Sam. I am a fangirl, I willingly admit this. Currently I'm obsessed with:
Roger Federer
Anton Yelchin
Star Trek

In that order. I love tennis, films, anime and music. If you want to know more, ask me.

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Andy/Roger is my OTP
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I support Roger Federer.Do you?
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Interests (143):

adrian pasdar, adrian/milo, afi, andy/roger, anime, anton yelchin, being human, black books, black lipstick, black nail polish, blood, bob bryan, boy kissing, boy touching, boys, boysex, bubblegum crisis, busted, cain/glitch, carlos moya, chansons d'amour, chekov, chocolate, chris fine, chris pine, coffee, computer games, darren hayes, deviantart, dinara safina, dir en grey, doctor who, dragonette, eddie izzard, edward scissorhands, fan art, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fanvids, final fantasy, firefly, futurama, gareth david-lloyd, garth nix, goo goo dolls, gq motherfuckers, gravitation, gravitation slash, green day, gundam wing, gundam wing yaoi, harry potter, harry potter yaoi, harry/draco, heroes, hisoka, homosexuality, hyde, ianto/jack, idolslash, jack/doctor, jack/ianto, jackxianto, jak and daxter, james arnold taylor, james t kirk, jj abrams, johnny depp, kaiser chiefs, kalan porter, karl urban, kasabian, keanu reeves, l'arc en ciel, lauri ylonen, leonard "bones" mccoy, manga, marat safin, mardy fish, mardy/tommy, mark joseph, matchbox twenty, mccoy/chekov, mcr, michael phelps, mike bryan, montgomery "scotty" scott, moshing at gigs, movies, muse, music, my chemical romance, neon genesis evangelion, ok go, pavel chekov, philip pullman, philip reeve, pinto, pushing daisies, rafael nadal, rock music, roger federer, roger/andy, russell howard podcasts, savage garden, sex, shiny toy guns, shounen-ai, shuichi shindou, simon pegg, sketching, slash, slash fic, slash fiction, snow patrol, spock, star trek, stargate, steriogram, tall dark and handsome, tattoos, tennis, tennis rps, tennis slash, the bravery, the dandy warhols, the delays, the fray, the hives, the hush sound, the killers, the klaxons, the rasmus, the thrills, the torchwood institute, tommy haas, torchwood, vampires, video games, weevils, wimbledon, zachary quinto
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